Valleysoft's expertise in RFID for asset tracking and automation helps enterprises make real impact by working from the idea inception to reaping the benefits of the new technology. At Valleysoft, we continue to evolve our approach, refining standards for best practices to deliver the scalable and flexible RFID enabled business solution.

Our immense business domain experience allows us to help business achieve success by providing a holistic business perspective on the ROI of implementing various hardware, software and integration methodologies of RFID implementation.

Valleysoft is experienced in integrating and deploying RFID enabled asset tracking platform that helps organizations locate, track, and manage valuable assets with active, semi-passive, and passive tag technologies in real-time. Valleysoft's solutions enables real-time tracking and monitoring of people, industrial equipments, vehicles, IT systems and any mobile assets. It provides the ability to track all tagged assets seamlessly regardless of the type of tag used (active, semi-passive,
  passive), which means users can use low cost passive tags for improving asset security and more expensive active tags for real-time monitoring with a single platform.
  Valleysoft's experience in delivering enterprise application solutions and services allows us to integrate RFID based asset tracking solutions easily with any Enterprise Asset Management application to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date view of every tagged asset and its usage based on your specific processes and policies. It also integrates with external control devices like light indicators, sonic alarms and security cameras which can be activated when there is any user-defined violation.

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