Engagement Criteria

Partnership Model
Enduring Relationship
Periodic reviews
Concerted team Work

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Offshore Development


While the onsite engagement provides customers the advantage of having expertise at their doorstep, the offshore engagement provides the benefit of cost effective and round-the-clock extended development and support center. Valleysoft’s dedicated offshore development center in India is equipped with the latest technology and highly secure voice-data links that ensure continuous and reliable connectivity to the customer.

Kaiser Permanente, CSC, Ariba, SIGMANet, Virtensys, and Keytone are some of the enterprise business solution clients who have immensely benefited by ValleySoft’s following value proposition:

State of the art infrastructure: development center is equipped with secured voice and data networks that provide seamless connectivity to client’s offices across the globe.
Dedicate project management office: ensures adherence to process and quality resulting in projects delivered on time, within budget and with no surprises.
Dedicated HR: A full-fledged HR function along with dedicated recruiting team follows the best of breed approach to ensure that only best talent is hired and retained.
Adaptive client engagement model: Valleysoft understands the differences in delivery management methods and is flexible in adapting to the one that is most comfortable to its client.
Technology Center: A top down culture of focus on emerging technologies and research benefits client in adopting most cost effective and efficient business solutions.

Our Engagement Philosophy

Partner for success:Our engagement will be on a partnership model rather the conventional customer- vendor relationship.
  Helps in transparency, attention, planning and joint ownership.
Enduring Relationship:Enduring relationship between key management personnel of both teams.
  Helps improvement in work chemistry, yields real value.
Conduct periodic reviews:Periodic reviews maintain successful relationships.
  Helps performance objectives to be revised continually according to changing market conditions.
Communicate, Communicate, Communicate..:We follow a regular pattern, to create a positive context for addressing problems.
  This helps bridges cultural differences.
Lay ground rules for team interaction:
  Reduces conflict and ensure potential issues are tackled at early stages.
Define Expectations: Making the nature of the working relationship clear in the beginning.
  Milestones and objectives are met and performance is displayed,control is gradually reduced.
Create Visibility: Quite often offshore team members may try various approaches to resolving an issue yet do not provide visibility of the steps tried.
  Providing visibility to the progress helps to re in force due dates and deadlines.

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