Engagement & Delivery Model


ValleySoft offers its Clients the flexibility of selecting from several Business and Delivery models. Our customers can harness these options to match their organization's needs and capabilities with the right development & project management methodology for the most cost-effective delivery model.

 Engagement/Business Model
With our Project-based Engagement/business Model, Clients can leverage our services for building Prototypes, Proof of Concept (PoC), Feasibility Studies, Architectural Validation, etc. For instance, we have supported many early stage companies who are known to come up with innovative products and solutions, in building prototypes and PoCs that have been showcased for enterprise level implementations. Such engagements have later on developed into long term engagements, spanning across products and services, with ValleySoft as their strategic partner. The typical models are
Fixed-Cost Model (FC)
Our fixed-price model offers our clients a low-risk option that can be used when the scope and specifications of the project are well-defined and reasonably set. This model ensures on-time, within budget release of project deliverables through the use of our standards based project management and software development processes.
Time and Material Model (T&M)
In this model, ValleySoft forms a project team comprising of domain experts, software developers, QA engineers, technical leads & project managers based on client’s requirement. Customers pay a monthly fee based on the team size, skills composition and the overall duration. This model offers the flexibility to balance team size and project workload over time.
Build, Operate & Transfer Model (BOT)
The BOT model is ideal for some of our Clients want to directly manage their own team and yet have a offshore cost advantage. ValleySoft facilitates setting up a facility, identify and staff a team of people, then manage them during the initial phase to get them running effectively. Once the build and operate phases are successfully completed, the team can be transferred over to our clients direct control. ValleySoft can build the infrastructure, human resources and support for the team, based on an agreed fee on top of the actual team and facility cost.
 Delivery Model
Offshore Model
To offer our clients, a cost advantage delivery model, ValleySoft offers its customers the delivery of the entire project at its Offshore Development Center located in the Software Technology Park (STP) zone in Kolkata, India . This model works very well for projects that are well-defined and specified; or for organizations which has experience managing remote development. ValleySoft provides a completely secured infrastructure & skilled resources to facilitate the engagement.
Blended Delivery (Onsite/Offshore) Model
ValleySoft recognizes that mission critical projects, may have some phases, particularly Requirements Analysis and portions of the Design Scoping, which require closer proximity to the clients. Other phases such as coding, implementation & testing may be well defined so that a remote development model works well. ValleySoft offers to such clients the Blended Delivery Model (onsite-offshore) to lower project costs. ValleySoft will take overall responsibility for project management.
Professional Services Model
ValleySoft also provides skilled professionals to clients based on their needs. Clients can directly monitor/supervise the engagement of such professionals assigning them tasks on a periodic basis and managing their deliverables.

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