Dynamics™ platform at IT lifecycle service provider


Client Background


The customer is a Southern California-based leader of IT Lifecycle Services, Advanced Technology Solutions and B2B Integration/eCommerce Services to medium and large corporations nationwide.


Business Challenge

  The company had run their entire business process deployed on to Lotus Notes over a period of 10 years. In this customer sensitive arena they strongly felt that would be left behind if they are not able to suffice to both defined as well unarticulated needs of their clients from the existing legacy system. The pain areas which needed to be ad-dressed immediately were the following.
Customer Relationship Management was poor as the data was stored in various forms and was redundant, thus correctness of data was a big issue.
No document management process to keep track of their contracts & quotations. Absence of any version control and centralized document management was a pain point.
All the modules were not tightly integrated and no proven mechanism to do efficient cost control.

The Solution


As a business case we did a comprehensive analysis of the functionality involved and then designed to help mi-grate the legacy systems into Microsoft Business Solutions. The solution included customization of MS CRM, MS Sharepoint, Dynamics GP that involved developing new modules as per the business needs as follows:

The customer used to get the customer data from various sources, we developed a tool to bulk import into their CRM system with some advanced functionalities like duplicate detection.
We developed tools to synchronize the Notes database with CRM database.
CRM Quote module was no way close to their business needs and we developed a new Quote system.
Created tool to create dynamic report layouts and integrated the same with Sharepoint.
All the employee profiles were imported to Sharepoint to increase visibility across the organization.


Shorten the sales cycle and improve close rates with leads and opportunity management, automated sales processes, quote creation, and order management.
Deliver higher service levels to customers by managing task, activity and communication more efficiently.
Tightly integrated Sales and Customer Service modules let employees view, update, and share information across teams and departments.
Current, complete information from all areas of their business is available for comprehensive reporting and analysis, so they can make sound decisions based on all pertinent factors.
Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP includes a large number of pre-formatted reports, supports reporting with Office Excel and SQL Server analytical capabilities, and lets them efficiently publish and broadcast reports to their audiences anywhere in the most practical and compelling format.
Efficient storage & searching of documents and reduce redundancy through Sharepoint by specifying security settings, storage policies, auditing policies, and expiration actions for business records in accordance with compliance regulations.

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