VP, Systems Development

  IO Virtualization is an emerging capability for datacenters and Virtensys is leading the space in providing solutions based on cutting edge technology. ValleySoft team has played a key role in helping us ramp our core engineering team. They have provided us exceptionally high quality resources and services within our budget and I greatly appreciate their professionalism . It has been a worthy investment and we will consider pursuing other opportunities with ValleySoft in the future."
VP, Systems Development, Virtensys Inc.

Ingeniasoft, Inc

  I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much Ingeniasoft appreciates the professional services you are providing to us as a partner in our application development.

Our initial idea was to locate a partner with a variety of web, application and database skills to supplement our owndevelopment staff that could over time become an virtual extension of our company.

Our search for value in addition to high quality support and services led us to your group at ValleySoft. We are pleased with the work that has been done on our projects, and your company's commitment to our projects has been strongfrom the start.

We especially appreciate the willingness of your team to share expertise among themselves, so that we can take advantage of specific advice and knowledge of your full team to support the developers assigned to work directly with us. We feel this benefit provides us with more value. Your flexibility and on-going support confirm that we made the right decision to partner with your company. We would also like to thank you for the professional manner in which you conduct your business.

Our customers have given us complements on the design and functionality of our applications, as a result of the work you've done for us, and we look forward to increasing our sales as a result. We look forward to a continuing relationship and would recommend your team for any company looking to get good value for their development budget.

We wish you continued success for the future!
  Ron Longfellow
Vice President, Ingeniasoft, Inc. Irvine, California USA

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