“Valleysoft demonstrated their depth of knowledge in both enterprise applications and RFID execution challenges at this lab”
Sandee M,
(Engagement Manager)

Asset Management at Networking Lab


Client Background


The client is a Northern California based networking equipment gi-ant whose products include routers, switches to VOIP servers and lab equipments.


Business Challenge


A typical lab at client’s location contains over 8000 assets each valu-ing typical $20,000 to $40,000. It is huge productivity and revenue loss to locate equipments for newly allocated projects, equipment calibration and inter-project assignments.

An RFID solution to track the assets was perceived as challenging due to very high levels of electro-magnetic interference and limited real estate on assets to affix the tags.


The Solution


As a business case we did a comprehensive analysis of the functionality involved and then designed to help mi-grate the legacy systems into Microsoft Business Solutions. The solution included customization of MS CRM, MS Sharepoint, Dynamics GP that involved developing new modules as per the business needs as follows:

Valleysoft deployed a Keytone technology stack RFID asset tracing solution that integrates with client’s own lab and asset management solution, EITMS.
Wavetrend™ readers were deployed in a mesh after studying the EMI pattern of the lab and was integrated with Keytone Asset-Trace™ platform.
A custom application integrated the real-time asset movement data into the EITMS asset man-agement platform enabling lab administrator to quickly locate an equipment by their last known location in an RFID zone.
A handheld based locater additionally assisted with pin-pointing the asset within a radius of 10 feet.


The solution allowed the lab administrators to track lab equipments, chassis and cards in real time over a dashboard. The integration with the EITMS system enabled users to upload an equipment list to the system that located each of such items and provided as a report for visual location using the handheld reader.
Valleysoft’s experience with enterprise applications allowed us to build the custom RFID integra-tion layer to client’s legacy applications.
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